A glorious city
Lisbon has become one of Europe's treasures. Here, history and modernity come together, a rich past and a promising future.
In this vivacious city, there is a place waiting for you.
Refined architecture
Gloria is a project which truly reflects its name, a renovated historic building that has been brought
into the 21st century with style and functionality providing all the comfort you deserve.
Quality materials
At Gloria only the best materials and top quality finishes have been used in each apartment to reflect the charm and elegance of Lisbon.
We are committed to combining classic style with contemporary design to create the perfect place for you to live in comfort.
Second & third floors
H T3 duplex - 186,00 sqm
G T3 duplex - 179,00 sqm
First floor
F T2 - 81,81 sqm
E T2 - 98,13 sqm
Ground floor
D T2 - 77,57 sqm
C T2 - 93,90 sqm
Garden floor
B T1 - 77,05 sqm
A T1 - 103,37 sqm
The information contained in this table is not contractual. It is exclusively for purely indicative purposes.
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